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Ermanno Gradellini & C. S.n.c. offers a large range of PPL, PTL and PP products, but it is most appreciated for the “AROMA-PRESERVER” lids, which are used for food products, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, packaged foods and ichthyic industries.

The lids can be transparent or coloured and they come in different shapes: rectangular or round.
The round shape is the most popular ,ranging in size from 55 mm to 217 mm in diameter.

“AROMA-PRESERVER” lids are fit for all types of tinplated cans and many others. They keep the quality and the fragrance of the content unaltered, until the natural expiration date.
All of our products are suitable for contact with food, according to European Union laws.
Thanks to the use of first-rate raw materials and top-quality masterbatches, the full range of products is non-toxic.
All lids can be personalized with the customer’s logo in relief.


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